The Chattooga runs through the Sumter National Forest and is natural, wild and scenic.  Any week's vacation to the area deserves at least 1 day spent here.  The river has a quiet section I and II (this section is about 30 minutes from the house) , a section III and a Section IV (both are about 40 minutes from the house, with the raft companies a bit closer)  that can be rafted.  There are other sections too dangerous to raft as well.

Many of you over-50 crowd probably remember a Burt Reynolds movie from the 70's called Deliverance.  The movie was about 4 young guys from Atlanta doing the weekend guy thing in the Georgia mountains, and ran into some unexpected trouble during their river raft ride.  This is where that movie was filmed.  The year after the river was filmed, 31 people drowned attempting to travel the section of the river where the film was shot.  After that time, rules were put in and certain areas are restricted.  This is a beautiful and easily accessible area.




These photos taken at Bull's Sluice on the Chattooga, near the Highway 76 Bridge, and is very easily accessible, about 40 minutes from our house (Winding Stairs Rd to 107-15 min, then south on 107 to Hwy 28 - 10 minutes, then you can go several ways from there- Hwy 76 Bridge, Earl's Ford, and Hwy 28 Section II put-in are all good places to check-out).  

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