Because this is a private lake, a fishing license is not required.

Lake Cherokee is a great fishing lake  All fishing is "catch and release".

The lake has a large population of  Shell cracker and Bluegill , as well as Bass and Catfish

Many of the lake residents, including us, are involved in our Lake Association sponsored fish feeding program.  We have an automatic fish feeder on our dock, as do many lake residents.

  • BREAM - Bluegill, Redbreast, Shell cracker,  Pumpkinseed - Bream congregate under docks, around piers and in submerged brush. They are easy to catch using worms, crickets, and other insects as bait. Bream are responsible for introducing more youth to fishing than any other fish. Common sizes range from 3 ounces to 1 pound with the record shell cracker exceeding 5 lbs.
  • LARGEMOUTH BASS - More time and money are spent in the pursuit of this fish by anglers than any other species. They may be caught at any time of the year feeding near the shore in early morning. Most commonly fished for using artificial bait, large mouth bass range up to 16 lbs. with the "Typical" catch ranging from 1 to 8 lbs.
  • Carp- Not a favorite of fisherman, but they are fun to catch.  We do have some in our lake and would like them gone, so if you do catch some carp, they can be cut open and put back in the water for turtle food.
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